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Why Choose Mobile

Spa Services?

Mobile Spa Services are safe, convenient and perfect for accommodating your busy schedule!

Stay at home, relax and let me come to you!

 No travel time, No traffic, No parking

Escape Luxury Mobile Spa is a one of a kind, custom built full-service Mobile Spa on wheels!

Unlike traditional mobile spa services where set up and treatments are given

within your home, office or preferred location, the Escape Luxury Mobile Spa Van

delivers a complete luxurious spa experience...just a few steps from your front door!


The health & safety of my guests is my number one priority. I have always implemented high standards to provide a clean, safe and sanitized environment. All treatment procedures have been carefully reviewed to ensure that the comfort and safety needs of all guests will be met in accordance to government guidelines.

 I will continue to remain diligent with my practices of thoroughly sanitizing with medical-grade products all surfaces and implements after each client. As the sole service provider and the mobile spa van being a contained environment with limited volumes of traffic, I feel the risk of contamination to be very low. Any guests feeling under the weather will be asked to reschedule their appointments until recovered. 

escape with your senses
The Escape Luxury Mobile Spa van provides an unparalleled sensory experience!
The soothing power of human touch, the sights, the sounds and the smells of the spa!
Step on board and Escape to the spa!

Why Choose

Escape Luxury Mobile Spa?

Escape Luxury Mobile Spa

Escape Luxury Mobile Spa

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